International Benchmarking on CVET – 4 European Regions

The central theme of the Project is the improvement of CVET public policies at European, national and sectorial level and the enhancement of the opportunities for adult skills’ development, employed and unemployed, especially those with low educational and professional levels of qualification, in order to meet the employability and professional development challenges.

The central axis of the Project are the quality and efficiency of public policies and systems that coordinate the provision of CVET and the mobilization and cooperation of the various stakeholders involved in the definition, promotion and implementation of CVET.

In this context, the Project aims to deeply focus on the issues of CVET that have been highlighted both in the Bruges Communiqué and in the latest Eurydice`s report on adult education. Particularly the Project will propose policy solutions for the promotion of adults’ participation in continuing education, especially those with less access to training offers. This will be achieved through cooperation and partnership between public authorities and CVET stakeholders from different countries and regions of the EU.

The Blue Economy – for its special importance in the partnering countries – has been chosen as the scope of application of the Project.

Specific Objectives


Advancing an agent consultation platform to share knowledge and experience as regards CVET’s public policies and strategies (upskilling and reskilling), through the study of coordination mechanisms and the regional translation of the training dynamics in the Blue Economy, in particular the shipbuilding sector;


Provide inputs for the construction of more innovative and effective training referential and methodologies in the Blue Economy;


Mobilize employers and social partners for the promotion and participation in CVET, boosting awareness-raising and information actions, facilitating their participation in the coordination mechanisms of training provision at national, regional and sectorial level;


Produce a set of recommendations for the development of public policy, in particular active employment policy, to promote the access of less qualified adults to LLL and in particular CVET, with a focus on the Blue economy while allowing for demonstrative impact in CVET systems and general policies.

The project is divided in 7 Work Packages that will meet the following aims:

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To coordinate activities and resources to achieve the best project outcomes based on an effective partnership collaboration;

To establish procedures and tools for the management of processes and outputs.

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Take the training to businesses

To discuss and exchange an action plan for the promotion of CVET and boost the linkage between the CVET policies and businesses.

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Dissemination and exploitation

To disseminate the goals, outputs and project results to relevant target groups: Public authorities in education and employment systems, Businesses and employers (public and private), Sector associations, Professional associations and Training centres and schools.

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International European Benchmarking on CVET for blue jobs/skills/economy: the case of four European Regions

To share knowledge among the countries of the partnership related to CVET policies and systems, through the study of national main issues and their regional translation into the Blue Economy, in particular the shipbuilding sector.

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Public policy recommendations for training and active employment policy and recommendations for the Blue Economy

To discuss and present a set of recommendations and priorities for skill development in the Blue Economy and CVET policies in general, with contributions to the system reform and the implementation of LLL strategies in the framework of the Europe 2020 Strategy

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Mobilization and awareness raising among employers

Awareness raising among employers and listen to their sensitivity and feedback on the issues related to CVET and businesses needs and obstacles;.

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Quality and evaluation

To evaluate the quality of the Project processes, outputs and outcomes;

To support the Project’s management and improve the Project’s quality;


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