Regional Meetings

The consortium is now working on the development of an Action Plan regarding the challenges, obstacles, opportunities and priority areas of intervention in view of the policy objective – Europe 2020 – in Portugal, Spain (Galicia) and France (Brittany). To do so, we have organized in Portugal, Galicia and Brittany a regional meeting using the same methodology, and having in mind the objective of answering to the following questions:


1.       How important is it for you Lifelong Learning, particularly CVET as an instrument to improve the performance of your firm?

2.       Are there any specific moments of the career where CVET gains more relevance? For what kind of employees is CVET more important?

3.       What kind of competitiveness challenges does CVET helps to improve?

4.       Does the offer of CVET fits your needs?

5.       How do you think one could improve the access to CVET? And how could we make it happen?

6.       Could you share with us the training practices that you consider more fruitful, particularly among less qualified adults.



So far, the regional meetings already took place in Brittany, on 18th of January (with 27 participants); in Galicia, on 14th of February (with 20 participants); and in Portugal on 20th of February (with 25 participants). All the meetings counted with companies, associations / cluster and training organizations. 


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