Skills needs in an evolving maritime green ec

The EU Green Week 2017 took place in Brussels from 29 May to 2 June and its main theme was 'Green jobs for a greener future'. It was Organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment with the aim of attracting policymakers, leading environmentalists, stakeholders and other interested parties from across Europe and the globe. The different sessions focused on how EU environmental policies are creating green jobs and contributing to economic, sustainable and socially responsible growth in the EU. The demand for new types of green skills in many professional sectors were also discussed.

One of the parallel events organised within the EU Green Week was dedicated to 'Skills needs in an evolving maritime green economy', which highlighted how the transition to a low-carbon economy is impacting on the workforce needs of the blue economy. On one side, many maritime sectors are looking more and more into green solutions which can deliver more and better jobs. On the other side, the industry suffers from an insufficiency of professionals equipped with the skills and competences needed.

IBCVET partners Magellan was present at the event and took some notes that to share with the partners of the project.


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