IBCVET Final Conference

IBCVET final conference took place in Lisbon last January 16th with more than 50 participants.


The Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus+ was present in the conference and spoke about the scope of actions that may be supported by the Erasmus+ programme and their differences, the performance of Portuguese entities in the programme and the framework of continuing vocational education and training in the context of the Erasmus+.


All partners were represented in the conference and presented the results of the project, including a practical demonstration on how to use the ICT platform developed to match training providers and training seekers in the shipbuilding and ship repair sector (http://ibcvet.paragonweb.eu).


A big emphasis was given to the final public policy recommendations which resulted from the project. These include improving the image of the maritime sector and associated careers, harmonising training programmes in Europe, promoting on-the-job training and establish new ways of providing and financing trainings, among others.


The best way to implement the recommendations and the concerns of the sector was discussed jointly by companies of the sector, business associations and public institutions. The workforce of the sector is ageing and has a high level of technical expertise which, associated with the seasonal nature of the work that usually functions with shift works, hinders the delivery of continuous training, the establishment of careers and the appeal to the new generations of labour force.


The necessity of a higher flexibility and adjustment of the training policies in order to tackle the specific issues of the shipbuilding and repair sector was recognised, as well as the necessity to work its image and communication. Defining the associated careers not only in this sector, but in the blue economy as a whole was deemed as a priority.


A compromise between all participants was made to disseminate the results of the project and to further develop the cooperation between public and private entities in these matters.


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